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City Coco Kops

Aesthetically, the City Coco Kops plays the card of sobriety and ultimate power.
Are you ready to try the new generation of electric scooter ?. Better known under the name of City coco, these ultra-powerful machines will allow you to walk in style and safely!


Large inflatable tire

The 18inch pneumatic tire will provide you comfortable driving stability. You can ride through small bumps and gravels at ease.


Removable battery

The lithium battery is removable so you can charge it conveniently. If you need to order extra battery you can contact us


Double seat

The double sear allows to ride with two persons at the same time.

Motor: 2000w Brushless
Battery Voltage and capacity: Lithium 60V 20Ah - Removable battery
Maximum speed (limited): 45km / h
Autonomy: About 40km or 80km (if 2 x batteries)
Charging time: 6 to 8 hours
Maximum load: 200 kgs
Net weight (product): 52 kgs
Front and rear wheels: 18 × 9.5 inches
Colors: Black, Yellow, Green, Starry blue
Optional equipment: Support second seat and mirrors
Double seat


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