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It is an APPROVED European roads model !

All products are delivered with EEC / COC certificates in order to be registered and have their VIN number.

It is a brushless DC motor with a power of 3000W, capable of reaching 60 km of autonomy (reference taken from a test carried out with a 70 kg person). With the ability to climb a 13º incline, and on straights, it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 45 km / h.


Removable battery

You can remove whenever you need its battery, located under the seat, to be able to charge from anywhere.


Disk braking system

This electric scooter has an efficient disc braking system, and has shock absorbers so that the rider can travel comfortably on rough or bumpy terrain.

Motor Power: 3000W

Brushless Motor

Controller: 15mosfets

Maximum speed: 45 (km / h)

Battery types: Removable lithium battery

Battery capacity: 20AH - 72V

Maximum range: 60 km / 1 person (70kg)

Battery charging time: 6 hours

Battery life: 800 charge cycles

Climbing capacity: 13% (1 person, 70kg)  

Brakes (front / rear): Disc / Disc

Shock Absorber (Front / Rear): Hydraulic / Hydraulic Tire size: 3.5-10 'tubeless tire'

Max load capacity: 2 people + load (150kg)

Frame Type: Steel

Net weight: 71kg (without battery)

Battery Weight: 18kg

Includes: Front luggage rack + rear trunk Packing size: 192 x 68 x 110 cm


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