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So You Can Stay One Step Ahead

At Smack Mobility, we know your life is busy. And sometimes, remembering what services your vehicle needs, and when, can only add to the list of things you have to do. That's why we've eliminated the guesswork with a personalized maintenance schedule. Now, you can see your recommended maintenance before it's due. Sign in to get started or simply select a model to explore.

Our solutions help you take care of your product, through checks and interventions aimed at maintaining your serenity.

Optimize the care of your product thanks to our maintenance solutions, to drive without worry and in peace!

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Easy Care MaintenaPlan


Easy Care helps you keep your product in optimal working condition, as close as possible to its original state. This is the right service that gives you savings opportunities on future maintenance costs and on a wide choice of parts and accessories.

This plan includes:

▪ 20% discount coupons on Parts and Accessories

▪ A physical diagnosis in the closest repair center every 3 months to detect potential anomalies

▪ A monthly call with customer service or technician to solve potential dysfunctions

This plan is not-binding and without obligation

From :

4€ per month



Premium Care is the assurance of riding with peace of mind. 

In the event of an unexpected event (Accident, Puncture, Error, Breakdown, etc.) you benefit immediately of our assistance and can therefore continue your journey with confidence.

Main Services includes :

▪ Support, parts and labor, mechanical, electrical or electronic failures beyond the contractual warranty period for 12 months

▪ Express replacement of your product if the charge exceeds 10 days

This plan is not-binding and without obligation


6€ per month



Privilege Care includes a comprehensive coverage to simplify your life: Warranty extension and Maintenance, Replacement of wearing parts and Loan of a replacement vehicle during maintenance operations.

It includes all the services of the Easy Care and Premium Care plans which are added:

Replacement of wearing parts (ex: brakes, wheels, triggers speed, etc.)

▪  Loan of a replacement product during maintenance operations if it exceed 10 days (If the part that need to be replaced is not in stock for example)

This plan is not-binding and without obligation

From : 

9€ per month

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