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Are Electric Scooters fast?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

At the time of writing, the fastest battery-powered electric kick scooter can run at a speed of up to 55 MPH or 88 KPH. Dualtron X has that crown on its head for the fastest running electric scooter till now. So, 88 KPH isn’t that slow right? That means we can’t say that Electric Scooters aren’t fast.

But to achieve this kind of speed, e-scooter designers have to make some sacrifices. Some sacrifices cannot be compromised like weight. In order to achieve that level of speed, the electric scooter must have a powerful and heavy motor. So naturally, the e-scooter weighs a lot more than all other scooters in the market. The Dualtron X weights a whooping 66kg or 145 pounds. Having that of weight, an electric scooter demolishes its real reason to exist. Mobility. The reason we use an e-scooter is that it is easy to handle and it is safer. But having this speedy electric scooter breaks its promise to be safe. So, we can say that Electric Scooter can be fast, but it is not safe at all.

Fastest electric scooter available at SMACK MOBILITY

The fastest scooter in our catalogue is Cross 1000W, with a maximum speed of up to 35 KPH. Though this speed is far less than the Dualtron X’s 88KPH, the Cross 1000W is incredibly lightweight that translates to great portability, manoeuvrability and practicality. And the pricing is also far less than Dualtron X.

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Speeds of other SMACK MOBILITY e-scooters

· Cross 1000W - 35km / h

· Yapai Super 350W - 25km / h

· Ultra Simply - 25km / h

· Ultra Lighty V.2 - 25km / h

· Neo Road - 25km / h

What can stop an Electric Scooter to reach a top speed

There are several factors that prevent the e-scooter reach the top speed. The biggest factor is the weight of the rider. Extra weight will gradually decrease the speed of the electric scooter.

That’s why when buying an electric kick scooter, make sure to know the maximum recommended weight limit so that you can know the limit of your ride. It is wise to carry as minimum weight as you can. If possible, avoid taking any extra luggage. But don’t be too afraid about this if you’re not exceeding the maximum weight limit. Always try to keep the weight at 90% from the maximum limit.

Battery level is also responsible for the highest speed. Companies advertise their electric scooter’s speed limit when the battery charge is full. If your e-scooter’ battery is at a lower level, then you’ll not get the highest speed.

When you’re falling downhill, the gravity will naturally increase the speed of the electric scooter. On the other hand, when you’re going up, it’ll lose some speed. The top speed also depends on the terrain.

Is faster the better for electric scooters?

Reaching to the top speed is really appealing. But if you’re planning to buy an electric kick scooter, you should consider if the fastest equates to the best or not.

In countries like Belgium where electric scooters are legal to use on the public roads, strictly enforce the speed limit. In Belgium, the speed limit is 25 KPH or 16 MPH. Anyone caught exceeding the speed limit, is bound to pay a big fine. In this circumstance, it will make no sense to buy a high speed or the fastest electric scooter. Either way, if you buy it, you’ll not enjoy the full speed.

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