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Choose the best electric scooter for commuting

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

It is clearly understandable that roads are getting busier and public transport is getting jam-packed. It is not a surprising factor for a commuter to look for a better way of transport. Commuters are clearly always finding quality when going to and coming from work. In many countries (without the UK), it is legal to use electric vehicles on public highways and commuters have already turned those devices as their personal way of transportation. These electric devices clearly speed up their daily life and reduce the time to commute. (Though the use of electric scooter is on the rise in London despite legal obstacles)

Why use an electric scooter to commute

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Friendly to the ENVIRONMENT

As we all know that electric scooters run by rechargeable batteries, they are an environment-friendly alternative to fossil fuel motorised transportation like cars and buses.

Avoids the CROWD

Commuters must have to face a crowded situation in the rush hour on public transport. All commuters who use public transport must have to trapped on a crowded bus or train. Electric kick scooters give them the opportunity to travel to their workplace while avoiding those crowded public transport in the rush hour.


Good quality electric kick scooters generally cost from £300 to £1,000. There are various factors that affect the product price. But the basic functions are the same. If you consider battery longevity and charging duration, then a £300 - £500 priced electric kick scooter would be your best choice. When compared to the annual cost of a bus, metro or train ticket, which is fairly costly, the electric scooter ride will save you thousands of pounds each year. A single way Metro journey in Paris costs from £1.69. So, depending on this comparison, investing in an electric scooter is worth a shot.

A Solution of the ‘Last Mile’

Although there are a lot of commuters who choose electric scooter for their entire journey, this is not always the preferable option. Studies have found a critical situation when it is the last phase of the journey from a vehicle to the workplace, it is called the ‘last mile’. Sometimes this becomes very difficult to cover this distance. Public transports like bus, metro or trains don’t drop commuters to the location where they need to.

Being so lightweight and very much portable, electric scooters brings the best solution here. With an electric scooter or a Hoverboard, you can easily heat up those tyres just after you came out of public bus or train and go to your office with ease. No hustle, no extra cost.

Electric Scooter for commuting: What to look for

So now if you want to upgrade your commuting experience by buying an electric scooter (if your country or area allows you to drive it), there are a few things you need to look for when buying.


For me personally, this is the most important factor when buying an electric scooter. A commuting electric scooter should always be lightweight. There will be circumstances when you would have to dismount and carry your electric scooter along with you. There are models out there which are lightweight and robust at the same time. They are generally made with Aluminium alloy to make the scooter lightweight yet stronger.


My second priority when buying an electric scooter for commuting is its foldability. For commuting, a foldable electric scooter is always an ideal option to choose. Most foldable electric scooters have a nice and simple mechanism that allows the scooter to reduce its size results in convenient portability.

Battery life

You should also consider the battery life and mileage range when buying an electric scooter for your commuting. If you have to cover up a long-distance each day, you must have to ensure the battery capacity is enough to cover the dual distance (both ways). If by any chance you choose a low battery-powered electric scooter, then finding yourself stuck at your workplace is not a good situation to be in.

Electric scooters for commuting at Smack Mobility

At Smack Mobility we offer a wide range of electric scooters, hoverboards, City scooters many of which will make the ideal purchase to fulfil your commuting needs.

Most of the e-scooter model that we sell will benefit from being fully foldable for added convenience. When it comes to weight, the Ultra Lighty V.2 is an electric kick scooter, that cannot be beaten. Weighing in at an unbeatably light 7.7kg and boasting a compact folding design, the Ultra Lighty V.2 can be carried easily when needed.

Looking for more information or help to make a purchase? Please don’t hesitate to see our full range of products or if you are a reseller want to purchase electric scooters for business, fill the Quote form, or head over to our helpful advice blog.

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