City Coco Cool Review

The word Electrical bike is putting a lot of accent on the Green-Energy. If you are struggling with the city with a large engine, a large diesel engine for example, or if you want to switch to electrical power and electrical bike, this article is for you.

Today I am presenting the City Coco Cool electric bike. It has 1500 Watts engine and 60 km range (economy). So, take a cup of coffee because this will be an interesting review.

As I said earlier the City Coco Cool has a 1500 watts moto and 20 Ah battery, it’ll travel 55-60 km. This electrical bike comes with a metal frame. A charger will be bundled with it. The charger itself is 67 volts at 2 amps. Inside the box, you’ll also get

· the keys with alarm remote,

· screwdriver,

· the backrest,

· mirrors and

· 20 amps battery.

Large inflatable tire - City Coco Cool
Large inflatable tire

This model has two seats and it supports two persons weighing 180 kgs. This electric bike is equipped with headlights also. So, you can ride it at night. More features like a small trunk, direction signals in the front, bigger back air-suspension springs, a large Clarkson, floor battery and the build quality is great. The break it used is a disk brake, which is really a great feature on this version.

The seats look nice, though it is not leather. On the back, you’ll get cat eyes so that it can be visible in the traffic. Under the back seat, you’ll get a storage compartment where you can put your necessary stuff like grocery or many other things. Though the space is not enormous. For security, the storage compartment has a lock.

The handlebar is made with a nice chrome material. Aluminium is the core material used here. In the front wheel, it has a nice air-suspension. The front headlight is big, bright and greatly visible on the dark. The signal lights are also very bright.

Removable battery - City Coco Cool
Removable battery

What I like in this particular model are the wheels. They are 225*55*8 inches. These wheels are extremely good for stability. The headlight is fairly bright for both day and light. The signal light switches are on the left handle of the bike. If you talk about the horn, it is also pretty noisy. The low beam and high beam headlight controller are also situated on the left. On the back, we also have a broken light as well as two indicator lights.

Just under the seat, you’ll discover the gigantic 20 amps battery which roughly weighs 7 kgs. The battery itself is protected by a lock. Another big advantage of this bike is that it has a handlebar lock key. There are several more keys supplied with this bike. The ignition key, handlebar lock key, battery lock key, baggage compartment key.

 Double seat - City Coco Cool
Double seat

The head-up display is illuminated It shows us the current speed, the battery percentage, break indicator, low/high beam indicator and an estimated running limit. Though I did find that the running limit is not so accurate. If the battery has half of its juice, the remaining number of kilometres are not so accurate.

This electric bike was really a fun experience for me. It’s economical, it’s green for the environment. Not only you’ll safe a bunch of money if you buy this bike and you’ll also reach your destination more quickly than a car or public transport.

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