Electric Scooter buying guide - Buying a Second-hand electric scooter

Is it good or is it safe to buy a second-hand electric scooter? The question arises because people are sometimes forced to spend less money when buying an electric scooter. There could be many reasons. But we are not here to talk about any personal reasons. We're here to talk about the PROS & CONS of buying a second-hand electric scooter.

Let's talk about the PROS & CONS now,


Cost effectiveness

The main benefit of buying a second-hand electric scooter is that there is a good chance of getting a premium electric scooter at a lower price. Although you can buy a budget friendly electric scooter at a low price, you have to pay a good amount of money to buy a premium electric scooter.

You can buy a high-quality model at a fraction of the original cost. This opportunity opens up the door for a new electric scooter rider to try out the best electric scooter on the market at a lower price.


One of the biggest selling points of electric scooters is that they are kinder to the environment than other forms of motorized transport. Unfortunately, whilst the ride itself may be sustainable, the shipping methods used to deliver a factory-fresh model may not be. Scooters tend to be manufactured abroad; the finished product then needs to be shipped to the supplier, and then forwarded to the customer after a sale.

By buying a pre-owned electric scooter, you are preventing it from ending up in a landfill. If you choose to buy from a local seller, you will also be mitigating the need for overseas shipping – helping to reduce your carbon footprint.


Second-hand scooters aren't from trustworthy suppliers

When you are buying a second-hand electric scooter from another person or shop, chances are they are not coming from a reputable or trustworthy supplier. This means you can assure the quality of the scooter. When buying, you need to be sure that you are buying from a trusted person or place and you shouldn't expect any warranty or after-sales service. And also, always make sure that you are purchasing a legitimate product. Always do some research before buying otherwise you'll get bluffed.

No option of returning the scooter

According to the Consumer Rights Act, second-hand sellers are legally obliged to refund a faulty item – but you have got to bear in mind that any kind of wear and tear is to be expected. The chances are you won’t be able to return a used electric scooter simply because you’ve changed your mind.

A legitimate retailer will usually have a policy allowing customers to return their purchase within a set amount of time for a full refund – faulty or not.

Used electric scooters are inferior quality

There is no doubt that brand new electric scooters are of better quality than a used scooter. Although in some rare cases, the previous owner can take good care of the scooter, there is no guarantee that the electric scooter was well ridden and did receive necessary maintenance.

Used electric scooter batteries are less powerful

The battery is easily one of the most important components of an e-scooter – without it, an electric scooter cannot function.

Over time, scooter batteries will diminish in power. A battery replacement will be required around every three years. This means that, when buying second hand, unless the scooter has not been used you will likely inherit a battery that is not performing optimally.

This could result in:

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