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Electric scooter for everyone: make the right choice

In recent years, electric scooters have been massively entering our lives. And this is not surprising, because they combine convenient, free and environmentally friendly personal transport, not to mention the fact that they give pleasure and can serve as entertainment for the whole family.

The market is saturated with diversity, so when starting to search for your electric scooter, it is important to answer a question: how, where, and how often do you plan to ride? Depending on the answer, all models on the market can be divided into 3 categories.

For short trips: If your commute involves short-distance riding within the city, models with a battery and a small-capacity motor are suitable for you: they can reach speeds of up to 20-25 km / h and drive 15-20 km per day. Power of 250-300W for such electric scooters is enough.

For medium-length distances: If, in addition to short trips during the day, the electric scooter will also be used as a mode of transport at more distant distances, a more powerful device will be needed. We recommend that you pay attention to models that can travel 20-30 km without recharging with large inflatable wheels. Inflatable wheels soften vibration on different types of coverings and long trips will be held as comfortably as possible. Speed can develop up to 35 km / h. Recommended power for this category: 300W and above.

For long distances or special purposes: These are scooters that are capable of driving 40-60 km on a single charge, developing speeds of 40 km / h and more, and are used for specialized tasks. It is important to note that when talking about the models for long distances there must be a large capacity in the inflatable wheels (at least 10 inches), since they help to balance out the load.

Electric off-road scooters that can ride on country roads, sand, and other complex surfaces also belong to the category of special purpose. For such models, large wheels and wide treads are required. The power of long distances and off-road scooters should be from 500 W and more.

Let's dive a little deeper into what the scooter consists of, and how it will affect your comfort and the cost of the model ..

The key and most expensive part of an electric scooter is a battery.

The more charge the battery can hold, the longer you will be able to ride without recharging your scooter ( that’s why one of the main characteristics indicates the number of kilometers on a single charge).

The second important property of the battery is the number of charge cycles that it can hold. Since this is the most expensive part, Chinese batteries of unknown manufacture, which have a very low life cycle, are often used to reduce the total cost of the product. To avoid the need for a quick battery replacement, pay attention to its manufacturer.

The power of an electric scooter is determined by the maximum speed with which it can ride, the maximum weight of the rider, and the angle of inclination of the roads.

Depending on the weight of the rider, it is recommended to select the following models in terms of power:

  • up to 50-60kg - without restrictions;

  • 70+ kg - it is better to select models not lower than 250 watts;

  • 90+ kg - 300-350 watts and higher;

  • since the maximum weight load for most models is 100-110 kg, it is recommended that an individual order is made for weight above 110 kg.

With the right power, your scooter will last a long period. Non-compliant power, on the contrary, can lead to quick breakdowns.

A few words about the design. Move the steering wheel to the sides. The wheel of the electric scooter should be tightly fixed and you should not feel any sliding to the sides. When traveling on rough roads, tiles, or paving stones, any backlash becomes worse and inevitably leads to breakdown earlier.

The availability of components is a very important nuance, which is worth paying attention to. Since electric scooters sometimes break down, it is important to understand whether you can get the service according to your model at the place of purchase. Sometimes finding a place to repair even famous brands can be very problematic. Therefore, when buying, we recommend asking directly if the seller can repair and replace parts. If there is no definite answer to this question, it is better to pay attention to other brands or models.

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