Electric Scooter sales increase up 11% in Europe

Electric scooter sales in Europe has grown to double digits in 2020. Till September, the sales increased to 11%. In the third quarter alone, the sales increased by 36%.

European Electric Scooter market in 2020

As we already know, the Covid 19 pandemic has increased the demand for individual mobility in most of the European countries. A report from Motorcycles data showed the outcome of this pandemic in most of the European cities. After the lockdown withdrawn from many cities, the electric scooter business has started recovering. And it is indicating a good 2021 regarding business prospective.

The demand for electric kick scooter is really strong as well. As companies are throwing limited offers fir both individual and sharing fleet line up, both markets saw an 80% increase than last year.

This year we have seen a change in customer needs. Nowadays, customers are more shifted to smart, lightweight, easily movable and easy to charge batteries at a competitive price. But unfortunately, the electric two-wheeler market has not yet moved that far because of the myths, fear and cost of the production.

However, the industry is seeing a bright light ahead of the next year as the sales are increasing in the latter part of the year.

E-scooter and electric motorcycle heritage in Europe

The European market is still an infant and still growing. So far, the development if this market is still in the hands of stat-ups. Japanese, Korean big giants are still yet to greatly invest in this European market. Europe saw the electric scooters almost 10 years ago but today most of the pioneer and reputed brands are out of the business.

The first peak sale happened in 2012 with almost 19,000 electric scooter sales. That time e-scooter occupied 1.22% market share of the continental two-wheeler. But suddenly the sale dropped to only 11,150 sales two years later.

In the second phase, the technology improved and manufacturers were adopting those techs on to their e-scooters. Manufacturers were taking the mileage, battery charging time, mobility into their consideration. Overall they tried their best to improve the quality and efficiency of the e-scooters.

The first era of s-scooters was limited to technology. At that time the battery quality was low, mileage was poor, the longevity of e-scooters was not that great. So it was a tough decision to make to buy an e-scooter as a buyer.

Let’s begin the third phase from 2017-18. Many non-European brands from China came into the scene backed up by their own experience in the Chinese market. Europe saw a sale growth to 61,629 units in the year 2019. Since then, the sale of electric scooters increased month by month.


The terms “electric-scooter” is quite popular and searching on the web it is used all over the World referring to e-kick models, e-bicycles, electric moped. Indeed, if you think of a Vespa-like vehicle, this should be the only to which refer using the term “scooter”.

Based on this huge confusion, the electric vehicles sold by brands like Kirest has been considered among the scooters, while they represent a different mobility device, with the passenger standing up, with small size and little distance coverage and, least but not last, an affordable price, while “real” electric kick scooters price are over 10 times higher.

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