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Electric scooters for heavy people

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Electric Scooters are mostly and widely marketed to and used by adults. And there is no denying that most of the electric scooters are designed and made for healthy adults. There is a very limited collection of e-scooter designs available for heavy or large adults. So, what are the options out there, and what specifications should follow before purchasing an electric scooter for heavy or larger-sized adults?

Best Electric Bike For Senior

The weight capacity of Electric Scooter

55kg (121 pounds) – 100kg (220 pounds). This is the most advertised weight limit or capacity for most Electric Scooters. As it seems that, 100kg or 220 pounds weight limit is enough to carry a healthy adult. But here we’re talking about over-weight adults. There are people out there whose weight exceeds the limit.

The maximum weight limit might seem a small factor to you but this shouldn’t be ignored. If you force the scooter to pass its limit, then the performance of it will certainly decrease. Following are the performance degradation you might expect,

· Unable to reach the top speed

· Limited incline capability

· Less mileage per charge

· Possibility to damage the e-scooter frame

· Tire damage

When purchasing a new electric scooter, you should take note of the weight limit it can take. It’ll prolong the life of your electric scooter and offer you a smooth ride.

Things to look at when buying a heavy-duty e-scooter

When buying a heavy-duty electric kick scooter, the power of the motor, and the capacity of the battery is the most important feature to consider.

Motor: There are some electric scooters out there in the market having an enormously powerful motor of 1000 watts or more. Some people might think that, for a heavy person weighing over 200 pounds, this motor is the perfect one to choose from. But a maximum of 350 Watt of power is more than enough for practical purposes. I’ve personally researched and seen that people of over 200 pounds of weight riding 250-watt motor Xiaomi e-scooter efficiently. But to be on the safe side, I recommend buying a 350-watt Brushless electric kick scooter. Like Slide Rideon 365 electric kick scooter, it has a 120 kg or 264 pounds weight limit. So, there will be no panic to take if you buy this e-scooter.

Buying a 300- or 350-watt motor powered electric scooter will certainly eat less battery juice than a 1000-watt motor powered electric scooter. So, you’ll get more mileage with a single charge.

Battery: A high power electric motor will eat up a good amount of battery juice. So, it is very much recommended to double-check the battery capacity before buying a new electric kick scooter. Fortunately, companies now are well aware of this situation, so they install a heavy-duty and properly sized battery for any given electric motor.

Tires: These days, every e-scooters are equipped with either an air-filled or solid rubber tire. As we all know air-filled tires give a fluid ride because the air compresses on a bumpy road and solid rubber can’t compress that much. That’s why most people choose air-filled tires. But on the other hand, air-filled tires are more prone to punctures. For this reason, if you are a heavy guy, looking to buy a new electric kick scooter, then you should go for a solid rubber tire. If you plan to ride on uneven terrain, the solid rubber tire will reduce the risk of a flat tire.

Scooter frame: The frame of your electric kick scooter will carry you. So, the sturdiness of your kick scooter matters. A clumsy built will certainly not cope with the extra pressure. When buying a new electric kick scooter, keep the sturdiness and the build quality in your mind so that it can take the pressure of your extra weight.

If you want a robust, sturdy electric kick scooter with a big battery like 1000W and a weight load of 150 kg or 330 pounds, then you should go for Cross 1000W.

Luxury Electric Bike

Handlebar height: Handlebar height: The height of an electric scooter is also a very factor for a heavy adult. If the handlebar lays too high, you’ll find it riding very uncomfortable and there is a change of imbalance causing an accident. The handlebar should be in the middle of your hip and waist. The lower position will make you move your body down which will damage your back and the higher position will increase the unbalancing. Many modern electric e-scooters come with an adjustable handlebar allowing you to lower or raise the handlebar. And if your chosen model doesn’t come with an adjustable handlebar, then you should buy an e-scooter handlebar extender.

If you are an agency or customer looking for the best e-scooters for heavier adults, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by filling this form. Our team is e-scooter fanatics and will be more than happy to help you with your purchase. We deliver our wide range of Electric Scooter throughout Europe with some great after-sales service.

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