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Everything You Need To Know About Electric Scooters

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

In front of your eyes, there is a revolution taking place on the road in your city centres. As always, a revolution isn't taken equally to all. Depending on whom you ask, it's either an annoying thing roaming around the road or it's the future-ready to take control over the urban transportation. Either you're on the positive or on the negative side, you should understand what an Electric Scooter is and why the young lads are ready to take this tech as their daily driver.

This is a part of a revolution in micro-mobility

Electric Scooter. A vehicle which is a cheaper alternative than your regular bus, more suitable than your bike. You sweat less than walking yet go to your destination more quickly. The Electric Kick Scooter has brought an additional option to your wide range of transportation. Specially built for cities, it can reach you to your office or college quicker and safer. In cities like Paris, Berlin, Portland, millions of people are moving on an Electric Kick Scooter responsibly.

Though in the UK, it is illegal to ride an Electric Scooter in the public road, cycle lane or pavements. But right now, in the UK, it is legal to ride it only on Private land and Property. An Electric Scooter, which weighs less than 95 lbs (43 kg), is a part of a new movement called 'Micro mobility'. This movement promotes batter powered and utility-based transformation.

When it is the talk of a town, in Europe, more than 50% of all urban car trips are completed within a radius of only 3 (Three) miles. Where a single person consumes a whole car, it creates pollution, congestion on the traffic and higher rate of proportional use of energy per trip. The motive of this 'Micro mobility' movement is to replace those single-occupancy cars. These single-occupancy cars are causing more pollution, congestion and consist of more energy per trip.

Amsterdam Electric Scooter Rental

Image: TechRadar

How fast do Electric Kick Scooters go and what distance they can cover

Maximum Speed Limit - 25km / h

Distance cover - About - 30km

Maximum Speed Limit - 35km / h

Distance cover - About - 30km

Maximum Speed Limit – 20-25km / h

Distance cover - About - 25km

· Bird

Maximum Speed Limit – 24km / h

Distance cover - About - 24km

Who makes e-scooters?

Several companies make Electric Scooters around the world. One of the most popular startups in Europe is The Kirest Mobility, a Paris-Shanghai based Electric mobility company based in Paris. Kirest is France's leading urban Electric mobility products since 2014. Some other startups are Lime, Spin, Bird.

This is a big business

Electric Kick Scooter business is a lot bigger than your imagination. A San Francisco startup called 'Lime' successfully operated 100,000,000 in the first 2 years. Almost all the big and smart cities in the globe are in the favour of smartphone-based Electric Scooter services as an alternative to conventional transportation. Because. riding an Electric Kick Scooter is affordable, user-friendly and it saves a lot of space on the busy traffic.

Best Razor Electric Scooter

How to use an Electric Scooter

After purchasing or renting an Electric Scooter, you just have to download their mobile app. Then creating a profile will let you enter their main app interface. Put your detail there. The map integrated on the app will show you where your scooter is with the help of geolocation. After getting in touch of your scooter, scan the QR code on the scooter handle. Now you're good to go.

They’re getting so popular

The rising wave of using Electric Scooter started from the US. Companies like Bird and Lime helped increase the popularity as they offered dockless, ride-sharing option simply by using an app. Then it can be parked at the allotted place when it is no longer required to drive. It is like, Cover the LAST MILE. There are places where you can reach through public transport. You might have to walk that last mile after taking off from public transport. In Europe also, Electric Scooter is taking place of public transport. It is getting popular throughout the cities. So, there is an increasing amount of demand waving through Europe. UK gov has also made it easy and legal for the people of the UK, to ride an e-scooter on private land and property. We are always open for a long term and healthy collaboration with companies in Europe who have a passion for electric scooters. If you are amongst the one who is interested in becoming our official reseller, then simply fill out the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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