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Hoverboard-Tips to Buy the Best Value in the Market

The hoverboard is a good innovation that replaces the use of traditional skateboard. In fact, it is easier to use and balance hoverboard than a skateboard. This stuff is widely known as modern transport choice for going at a short distance.

Basically, this board becomes popular in the UK in early 2015. It has many varieties and sizes. However, the point is still the same which is a self-balancing board. Because this product is considered as a new innovation, let’s look at some tips you have to choose the best value board on the market.

There are two types of the electronic board in the market. The one which has a board and two wheels on the edge side, connected with a hinge in the middle is called Hoverboard. It has a handless control and you only need to push a bit your foot accordingly in order to move. The board usually comes with the light on the front side of the board that you can rely on in the night use.

To control the board, you should push the sensitive pads on the right and left side accordingly. If you push your left foot forward, the wheel goes faster and turns it to the right side and vice versa. Even though it may seem to be difficult to control your balance, Hoverboard still gives you nice control of your board.

Another choice is Airwheel. It has no board here. Unlike the hoverboard, Airwheel only consists of one big size wheel in the middle. You control the movement by placing your feet on the left and right side. Push the left side if you want to turn right and vice versa. This board is more complicated to control since it has no large space for your feet. However, the big size of the wheel in the middle helps you pass the rough asphalt flawlessly.

The Maximum Weight Hoverboard Can Hold

You may ask yourself about the maximum capacity of weight the board can hold. Well, most Hoverboard with the 7-inch wheel can carry maximum 100kg. Of course, it depends on how the road condition as well. If you are heavier than 100kg, you may still use it but the body balance would be affected. If you find the 10-inch wheel, then it should be enough to carry the maximum of 120kg.

Overall, playing with this electronic board will be fun if you can choose the most suitable size and model as your need. While it was booming in early 2016, keeping your electronic board is still worth today. It would be a great choice of a transportation mode that replaces traditional skateboard with less intrusive sound. You can also control the board easily even if you are a new user.

However, if you go with Airwheel, you must be ready to put extra work for balancing this stuff. As it is mono-wheel, new users would prefer to use hoverboard that offers easier control.

Is Electric Scooter Better Than Manual?

The Electric kick scooter trend is now decreasing since there is an innovation with an electric scooter. If you remember the old childhood serials called Teletubbies, you must remember Po. Yes, the red chubby Teletubbies with her scooter. She looks cute and always happy to ride her scooter.

Soon after the film release, there are many children asked their parents to buy a new scooter. It happens almost in all countries where the Teletubbies film is shown each week. By the time, the scooter has evolved to become more efficient (folded scooter), mini scooter (for kindergarten kids), and many other variations spread around the market. Though it won’t become a primary vehicle to go somewhere, this cool stuff is enough for having fun when you bored with your bicycle.

The evolution keeps happening until manual scooter evolved to the motor and electric powered scooter. Basically, all are just the same in case of functionality. Yep, Those work to make you fun. However, each scooter has great side and downside. This article will help you to decide which scooter are perfect for you. Especially, to answer the question in the title.

Manual Scooter

Well, everyone in the world knows this stuff unless you hide under the rock. The manual scooter is the best choice for those who need an extra active workout that fun at the same time. It is also good for a child to help them grow well by having enough physical activity.

Manual scooter is known as a solid board rather than electric. The reason is simple. It’s lighter, easier to store somewhere, and nothing will happen when there is water coming inside it. Those are the specific features the electric scooter won’t possibly have. In fact, some cheap deal of electric scooter will break after a few days of active use.

There is positive and negative. Talking about the downside of a Manual scooter, it’s basically you need to put some extra work to kick and push the brake manually with both of your feet one another. It is inconvenient if you go with the manual one for a long ride. If you still aim for manual stuff to go even further, we suggest using your bicycle.

Electric Scooter

There is no doubt that you will definitely get comfortable in using an electric scooter for such a long time and distance. It is good for those who don’t want to pull out extra power to kick and break the scooter pedals manually. This option will be the best choice for having fun without tearing a sweat.

Unfortunately, you won’t get the same happiness as the manual scooter do. The users of electric scooters are typical can laugh while riding their scooter since they sometimes have a race with their friends. You can imagine how is a personal expression when he is the loss of power but still win the scooter racing game. This condition triggers laugh and natural happiness you will never get in riding electric stuff like this.

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