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Is It Safe to Ride a Scooter During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is the most special time for every woman. But during pregnancy, women need to be more careful of their safety and health. So, a very common question may be raised in many women’s minds whether riding a scooter is safe during pregnancy.

Scooter is the most widely used transportation due to their convenience. But it is not an ideal mode of transport for any pregnant woman. According to the experts, riding a scooter can be very dangerous for both mother and baby. During pregnancy, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness can make it harder for them to concentrate while driving. Moreover, women’s bodies also become heavier, so it is very hard for them to maintain balance. It may lead to erroneous driving, increasing the risk of a road accident. So, it would be best if you avoid Scooter rides during pregnancy.

Is It Safe to Ride a Scooter During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is considered one of God’s greatest blessings in a woman’s life. But women have to face many challenges and restrictions during pregnancy. Some women also suffer from nausea, fatigue, dizziness and other health issues. So, women were recommended not to have any bumpy rides. Moreover, doctors recommend avoiding riding two-wheelers such as a cycle, motorcycles, scooters, etc.

Riding a scooter is always an enjoyable thing to do. There is no doubt that riding a Scooter is more reliable and safer as compared to riding a bicycle or motorcycle. But it can take a pregnant woman into greater risks than usual. Sudden jerks or a bumpy ride, or a bad fall may result in many pregnancy complications. To avoid these things, you must be more careful and take extra precautions while riding during your pregnancy. A pregnant woman may be more susceptible to losing her balance and falling while riding a scooter. Due to the large belly and easy loss of balance, women tend to lose their balance.

During pregnancy, if you are strong enough and don’t have any weakness or pregnancy symptoms, you can continue riding on your Scooter. But, once your baby bump starts growing, you must stop riding the Scooter and switch to a more stable transport. However, you must consult a qualified doctor for guidance if you need to ride a scooter.

Precautions to Take When You Ride on a Scooter During Pregnancy:

  • Always try to wear a helmet while driving a Scooter.

  • Wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

  • Try to avoid rush hours for your ride.

  • Avoid the bumpy road, and stick to familiar, short routes.

  • If you are riding your Scooter at nighttime, put on a bright-colored jacket that is easily visible from a distance.

  • Avoid riding your Scooter during the rainy season.

  • Take someone’s help while kickstarting the Scooter yourself if your Scooter does not have a self-start.

  • Always try to avoid speeding and overtaking other vehicles.

  • Carry a fully charged water bottle, your phone, medicine and a healthy snack.

  • Choose comfortable clothing according to the weather.

  • During winter, avoid riding in fog or low visibility in the early morning and late evening.

Ways to Avoid a Scooter Ride During Pregnancy:

Women may have several reasons for regular travelling during pregnancy. Most women use Scooters regularly to go to their destinations. Especially the working women don’t have any option to avoid regular journeys. Here’s some way how you can safely travel without a scooter:

  • If you are a working woman, you can take your friends’ or colleagues’ help and go with them to your office.

  • You can hire a cab instead of riding a scooter.

  • You can also consider public transport such as trains, metros and buses.

  • You can talk to your boss to organize flexible work hours better suited to your car-pooling arrangement so that you can avoid peak traffic hours.

  • You can also work from home if your company allows it.

  • You can also try to find a new job near your house so you can go there on foot.

  • You can download different apps on your phone that offer home deliveries.

  • You can get the help of your family members or friends to drive you to anywhere you need to go.

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