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Meet CityCoco Cool Scooter

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

The self-balancing two-wheeler scooters are becoming popular because of the fun and enjoyment that you get while riding them. The latest one is the CityCoco Cool Electric Scooter from Kirest. It is the 21st century and the vehicles are gaining a lot of popularity. The inventor of the scooter has envisioned the utopian worlds where there are short rides and the long walks which can be easily accomplished with the help of the self-balancing two-wheel. It has been a costly option for certain masses and when there are narrow sidewalks it becomes difficult to accommodate the Segways.

It also becomes difficult to accommodate the pedestrians without having any incident as the device is fast and it has become the niche product which is largely relegated with the urban tour groups and the campus, shopping malls, working who are having quick and spacious factories and warehouses. It is now known by the Beijing based transportation and the company continues selling the CityCoco Cool scooter for both the professional and the personal use as well.

CityCoco Cool Scooter

It is also sold as the Coco Cool which is the smaller version of the CityCoco Chopper and it is very much essential for the sophisticated grownups version. It is much sophisticated for the grown-up as compared to the hoverboard of the kid. It is expected and hoped that it can reshape the future landscape of transportation in the cities. It is mainly the sophisticated part of the electric scooter.

Anyone in the current times who has raised the children in the last 17 years may be having at least one or more of the electric kick scooter which is sitting in their basement or their garage. They are vehicles which are much popular in the market and they have been sold in millions right from its beginning. You can also recall the time when people wished to reach the town for a brief period and thus the battery-powered mortised things were added to the vehicle. It is assumed that the commuters can easily use the vehicle and they can travel quickly till the last mile right from the training station to the office buildings and other places in the big cities.

The weight of CityCoco Cool electric scooter

The weight of the CityCoco Cool electric scooter weighs around 52 kg and it can easily reach the claimed top speed of almost 75 km/hour and can also go with the 45 km on a charge. It can be easily accomplished with the help of the ordinary wall socket. The features of the CityCoco have the adjustable lead and also the brake lights. It uses the regenerative braking system which helps you in maximizing the battery power and it is like the top-notch auto.

The vehicle has the sports mode but it is to be a wonder that exactly whether it is engineering to work at a different speed and much quicker than the auto. The CityCoco Cool is the vehicle which is able to field up and it can also be cared wit you along for the ride on the train or the buses and it need charging at a place. It can be easily stored in the trunk of the vehicle of the user and it can be charged with the boot n go optional unit which is used for storage. It is like every other device and it comes with the pack of the Bluetooth connection which allows you to remotely unlock, lock and also personalize the vehicle. It also allows you to perform the diagnostics on the scooter with the help of the mobile app.

Features of CityCoco Cool electric scooter

The company has the vision of having the charge n GO as well situated at different districts where it becomes easy to lock and unlock the scooter. It can also be charged. The cloud-based system is also used which allows the management of the scooter. It allows the charge station management and also the management of the car trunk storage unit. They are maintained to work together for different purposes.

The concept of the last mile system is used which allows the users and commuters to travel easily till the last mile in the elegant way and Laos in an effortless manner. It is also done in an environment-friendly manner. They are also working in an active manner with the cities, car hiring company manufacturer’s networks etc to work out this new concept into the market.

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