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Should I put more weight than mine to my Electric Scooter?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Most of the time when someone wants or goes to buy an electric scooter, the first thing he/she forget to check is the maximum weight capacity of it. It seems like, people don’t worry about the weight capacity that much. Suppose, you are one who is wanting to buy a brand-new e-scooter and you tend to think if an electric scooter can carry your own weight within it’s recommended limit, the why worrying? Come back to reality, there is more to it obviously.

If you are on the heavier side, then a heavy-duty maximum load capacity e-scooter will certainly ride you with ease. But keep in mind that, a greater load capacity electric scooter not only can benefit a heavy rider but also a normal weighted rider can be benefitted from it. Let me tell you how

Greater usability

If you don’t ring the bell of the maximum capacity of your electric scooter, then it is alright. But sometime there will be some situation when you have to carry a backpack or luggage with you. A few kgs of backpack might not be a big deal but when I am talking about a luggage weighting 20 kg, then it can right that bell, right?

So, if your weight is 90 kg and you have a 20 kg luggage with you, then your scooter’s maximum carry limit should be well over 110 kg. Got it now? There are many well-known brands who sell electric scooters with a maximum load capacity of 100 kg. But there are electric scooters that have the maximum weight limit of 100 kg.

Slide Rideon 365 has the maximum weight capacity of 120 kg. Cross 1000W has 150 kg.

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PRO TIPS: When you need to carry your backpack or luggage on an electric scooter, don’t ever dare to hang it on the handlebars. This action will decrease your control over the electric kick scooter and invalidate the warranty.

Greater durability

The maximum the carrying capacity is, more durable the electric scooter is. High load capacity is a great indicator of great structural durability and strength. The greater carrying capacity is more reliable and hardier.

There are also some more benefits of good durability and reliability. A harder and more durable chassis means it will last longer. So, the value of your investment increases automatically. You can enjoy your electric scooter longer than other usual electric scooters.

An electric motor with greater specification

If an electric scooter has a harder and more durable chassis and maximum carrying capacity, then the motor power will gradually increase. Because, if it is harder and more durable, then it should be heavier than other electric scooters. And it’ll make for a heavier person to carry. As a result, the motor also has to be powerful enough to carry these extra loads.

If the ultra-duty electric scooter has to transport heavier load, then alongside the physical strength, the motor strength also has to be increased. These powerful motors also can take more stress on it. So, electric scooter maker ensures that the motor can easily bear the load on it.

More stable.

Most of the cases, to make the electric scooter stronger, as we already know the chassis become heavier. So, the chassis design must include some additional weight on it. As a result, the weight of the electric scooter increases automatically. But there is a benefit of this extra weight. This weight can actually improve the stability of the electric scooter. It helps more if the terrain is a bit rough than normal.

This extra weight, stronger chassis design comes in to help in typical obstacles like low kerbs, bumps even gravel become easier to control. So, a stronger e-scooter results in a more stable, predictable and ultimately safer ride.

We always recommend reserving some weight within the weight limit. Don’t push the limit. If you are willing to buy a brand-new, strong electric kick scooter, buy it from a recognized retailer which will provide proper warranty as well as repairs. And if you are a retailer, then fill out this form to buy world-class and A+ rated Electric Kick Scooter, City Coco Scooters or Hoverboards. Smack Mobility by Kirest offers 2 years of Guarantee for after-sales service and parts. With express delivery, we’ll hand over the products to you within 2-4 days throughout Europe.

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