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smack mobility guarantees you peace of mind.

Systematically benefit from full guarantees by buying a new product from us: manufacturing defect, perforation defects are covered, and smack mobility sometimes even commits beyond the legal guarantee. 

Our guarantees apply throughout the European Union !





Repair or exchange of defective parts free of charge


Reconditioning or replacement of defective battery. For all our products, each battery is under warranty during 6 months after the purchase date

Breakage during transport

Exchange for a new product or free shipping of damaged parts

Wearing parts

Free of charge if the customer has subscribed to Premium or Privilege care plan 


Reconditioning or replacement of defective elements, on which this perforation due to corrosion is visible

Shipping costs to the repair center

Free of charge if the customer has subscribed to Premium or Privilege care plan 


  • Where can I find details of guaranties ?
    You will find details of the guarantees to which you are entitled described in the maintenance and guarantees booklet that was given to you when you purchased your product. You can also consult our general warranty conditions on our site.
  • How does the warranty work?
    After the purchase of your product, in the event of an incident (breakdown, defect, perforation, etc.), contact our customer service which will redirect you with the relevant repair center or will organize the shipping of your defective part.
  • What if I break down in warranty?
    In the event of a breakdown, you must contact our customer service. Thanks to our expertise, we will be able to deal with the incident you encounter as quickly as possible.If the intervention time on your product is more than 10 days ans if you have subscribed to the Premium or Privilege care plan (see our section HERE) , we will offer you a mobility solution to allow you to continue your journey.
  • Warranty extension after purchase
    You can subscribe to a warranty extension until the last day of the contractual warranty. To do this, simply subscribe to our Premium care plan. You will find all details HERE
  • Who to contact if I have a question about the warranty?
    All useful warranty information is available in the maintenance and warranty booklet that was given to you upon delivery of your product. In case of additional questions, please contact our customer service HERE
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