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Software Engineering Intern

  1. Migrated website content into a CMS called Strapi
  2. Manually deployed content with Netlify
  3. Developed Strapi components with JavaScript

Cybersecurity Copywriting Intern

  1. Created technical articles and tutorials regarding SSL/TLS concepts
  2. Installed an SSL certificate on a Nginx and Apache2 server
  3. Published an article on Bug Bounty Training for Beginners: https://sectigostore.com/blog/bug-bounty-training-for-beginners-how-to-become-a-bug-bounty-hunter/
  4. Published How Much Does a DigiCert SSL Certificate Cost: https://cheapsslsecurity.com/p/how-much-does-a-digicert-ssl-certificate-cost/
  5. Published How to Get a DigiCert Domain Validation SSL Certificate: https://cheapsslsecurity.com/p/how-to-get-a-digicert-domain-validation-ssl-certificate/

Security Assurance Intern

  1. Designed and developed phishing campaigns in HTML using Wombat
  2. Created MBS (Minimum Baseline Statandards) for applications from a CIS (Center for Information Security) benchmark
  3. Enrolled and managed applications in Tenable by developing the security policies and scanning devices
  4. Used Advanced Excel Formulas to automate the MBS creation and revision process, which reduced 65% of time spent

Software Strategy & Architecture Intern

  1. Designed and developed a Static web application using Node.js and React
  2. Completed Java Unit Testing on an API (Application Programming Interface)

Marketing Intern

  1. Managed social media and email marketing internally and for clients
  2. Created SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rich articles and page content
  3. Removed malicious code from a WordPress website