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Terms & Conditions

The present general conditions here govern the acquisition of products offered on the website belonging to KIREST SAS (SAS owned SQUARE INVEST). Any acquisition implies full and unconditional acceptance of each of the general conditions, without prejudice to the acceptance of specific conditions that may be applicable after acquiring certain products. These terms may change without notice, therefore it is advisable to carefully read its contents before proceeding with the acquisition of any product offered on our website.

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SMACK MOBILITY under Law 34/2002 of 11 July, the Society of Information Services and Electronic Commerce, informs you:

• Company: SAS KIREST

• Chaired by: SQUARE INVEST - SIRET: 85317653500013 - Headquarters: 4 Rue DU FER À MOULIN 75005 PARIS 5


• No. Siren: 812973196

• Headquarters: 1, passage of winemakers, 92330 SCEAUX

• It is listed on the Register of Commerce of Nanterre 4 Rue Pablo Neruda 3rd floor, 92000 Nanterre




To contact us, we leave at your disposal various means of communication listed below:

• Contact form - Contact Section on this site.

• Mailing address: 4, rue du fer à moulins 750005 PARIS 5

All notifications and communications between users and SMACK MOBILITY are considered effective, legal effect at all, when they were made by one of the means mentioned above.





The products offered as well as their main characteristics and their prices appear on the screen.

SMACK MOBILITY reserves the right to decide at any time, products and / or services available to customers. This way SMACK MOBILITY may at any time, add new products and / or services to those that are already currently presented. SMACK MOBILITY also reserves the right to withdraw or not to offer at any time and without notice, any product offered. For the acquisition of any product, you need to register with our Sales Administration dept. SMACK MOBILITY will allow you to access all our products and make your orders while following the instructions in the purchase process,





The offers presented on are valid while stocks last. SMACK MOBILITY reserves the right to modify the assortment of products based on the constraints imposed by its suppliers.






SMACK MOBILITY claims to ensure the availability of all products displayed on However, if the desired product is no longer available, the customer will be informed of the situation within 5 days maximum subsequent to the order. In the same way that in the event the product is no longer in stock at the time of purchase, the customer will have the opportunity to RESERVE the product in question, to be delivered upon availability. If the product is not available, and the client was informed SMACK MOBILITY can provide a similar product without increasing customer prices, he can accept or reject by exercising its right of withdrawal and termination of the contract.

• The contract is concluded off-premises

• The object of the contract is not within the main field of business activity

• The purchasing company does not employ more than five employees.






To carry out any command on, it is necessary that the customer is important. In addition, the customer must register on through a data contact form that will provide SMACK MOBILITY information required for the contract; all data will be in full and real about his identity and the customer must accept the privacy policy of SMACK MOBILITY. It is also recommended that the customer prints and / or keep a copy in a safe place, conditions of sale when ordering and the receipt of proof sent by SMACK MOBILITY via email.






Upon receipt of your order, you will have your final invoice including shipping costs and applicable taxes in 24 hours.







The order will be delivered to the address specified by the customer at the time of purchase according to the chosen modality.

Our deliveries include the following areas:

• European Union

• Swiss

• China






• Once your order, our Sales department Administration back to you within 24 hours with your final invoice mentioning the shipping costs and trade discounts.

• Prices shown do not mention the cost of delivery






• Orders will be delivered to the person and to the address indicated on the order

• The delivery time is between 2-4 days or 5-12 days depending on the product and the carrier; unless otherwise indicated mentions in the bill

• The shipments will be realized maximum 4 days from the date of the order, when it and the confirmation of the payment be made before 10 pm UTC + 1: 00.

• Saturdays, Sundays and holidays there will be no shipping or delivery.







Product prices displayed on will be given in Euros unless otherwise specified and guaranteed as during the period of validity of the same, except typographical error and whatever the destination of the order.







Final prices of all produce (and, if applicable, the final price per unit of measure, when compulsory) with their characteristics, deals, discounts, etc., contained in each of the articles that appear on the catalog

However, any change in the VAT rate will automatically be applied to the prices of products for sale.

• Shipping fees: Shipments include costs for each country, packaging and proper handling; in this way, our goods are insured against theft, loss and / or failure of product. Prices shown do not mention the cost of delivery Product prices may change at any time. In this case, the price will be applied in force at the date of the order. Anyway, the final cost will be communicated to the customer in the electronic purchasing process before it formalized its acceptance.







We offer the following payment methods: • Wire Transfer For payment in cash or by bank transfer to the bank account owned by CIC SMACK MOBILITY. It will clearly mention the client's name and order number. Any order aillant this payment, which is not paid within 30 days after confirmation of it, will be canceled.






As required by regulation, the consumer and the user will have the right to REMOVE the contract for a maximum period of 14 calendar days without giving any reason and without incurring fees, except those provided for in Articles 107.2 and 108 of the RD 1/2007 of 16 November, which approved the above text of the General Law for consumers and users defense. The customer must however meet the following conditions:

• The contract is concluded off-premises

• The object of the contract is not within the main field of business activity

• The purchasing company does not employ more than five employees.






The customer will have a maximum period of 72 hours from the date of receipt of goods or products ordered to inform SMACK MOBILITY his desire to withdraw from the contract. The withdrawal means that SMACK MOBILITY will refund the amount already paid by the customer within a maximum period of 60 calendar days following the procedure specified by the customer for payment. During this period, the consumer will contact the seller's decision to terminate the agreement by completing the bottom of the page and sending it to the email address of SMACK MOBILITY.

SMACK MOBILITY communicate to the consumer on a durable medium, an acknowledgment of receipt of such termination. To return a product, it is essential that it is in perfect condition and in its original packaging, with all accessories. The return of the product in other packaging than the original lead to a depreciation of the product. Upon receipt of your request, we will contact the client to indicate the details of the return. The return costs are borne by the customer.



No products handled by the customer in case of misuse, breakage, etc. will be changed or refunded; and any guarantee will be lost. In case of defective product, shipping will be charged. In all other cases, they will be borne by the client; these returns are associated with the cost of return and treatment. If the cancellation of the order is communicated before shipping it, the client will be exonerated of all charges. If the product is in good condition, but the packaging (box, plastic or packaging) in which the product is not in good condition, the return will not be accepted; it will be the same otherwise. Both the recovery of the product that his return will be managed by SMACK MOBILITY through our courier.





Products purchased on are covered by a warranty of 2 years from the date of delivery, which covers manufacturing defects of the product and the failures occurred during this period. If at the time of receipt of goods by the carrier, the customer finds that the goods are missing or the packaging is damaged, it must indicate on the delivery order will be honored by the same carrier and notify immediately SMACK MOBILITY in writing to Customer Service. If you see the need to repair a product, you can manage incidents directly dealing repair and shipping. To do this, the customer must contact SMACK MOBILITY and ask relevant instructions and return authorization. To return the damaged parts, it is important that the returns to technical support are fully packed and protected, without stickers or labels in the original packaging of the products. If the product arrives in our office with damage due to improper packaging or poor protection, repair may not be covered by warranty. The customer must use the packaging and the original protections, if possible; if these are not available, the client must use a solid of sufficient size box to allow easy insertion and, below, above and around it, place enough protection material (bubble film air, paper or foam balls, etc.) that prevents the movement of the material inside the box. The return number provided by SMACK MOBILITY must be indicated on the shipping label. are excluded from the warranty consumables, defects caused by misuse or improper handling, connection to the electricity network other than that indicated, improper installation or defects resulting from any external cause. For the sustainable nature of products, the consumer is entitled to a technical service and adequate spare parts for a period of 5 years from the date when the product ceases to be manufactured without the price of parts replacement is increased when applied to repairs. To know what to do in case of problems or failures of a product, please contact us: To avoid problems during installation or handling of the product purchased, make sure you have followed the installation and use instructions contained in the manuals. If the purchased product is still not functioning properly, you should immediately contact customer service and manufacturer support, or representative or distributor. In general, technical services require the following information:

• Order Number.

• Identification of the specific model.

• Name of the returned part.


SMACK guarantees the operation of its products for two years from the date of delivery. Defects in material and / or derivative of the device manufacturing process is covered by our warranty. SMACK is committed to delivering only the spare parts and provide an explanatory video technician. In any case, the product will be returned to our workshop in case of VAS. The guarantee applies only to products distributed by SMACK MOBILITY. SMACK MOBILITY is not responsible for damage caused by unprofessional installation, modified products or handled by the Customer when he has not received any instructions or any other person not authorized by the manufacturer, misuse , handling and / or short circuits or any apparent sign of incorrect treatment. The warranty does not cover damage caused by external factors such as increases or brownouts, abnormal use of the product, fire, water, electrical storms, accidental drops or misuse by people or not authorized by SMACK MOBILITY companies. Likewise, the warranty does not cover wear or misuse hours or damage caused by mishandling or improper storage of the product prior to or during use. SMACK MOBILITY reserves the right to review each product returned by independent experts, and the warranty is free to prove by competent authorities that the failure was caused by the customer or user, and the partial failure of the product to force the use of the guarantee for the return or refund the product. If that is the case, the costs of this practice will be to the customer.







The consumer is entitled only to replace the damaged part, to the reduction of the sales price or termination of the contract, in accordance with what is stated under Chapter II Tit. IV Book II of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users. If the product is not in conformity with the contract, the consumer can choose between repair or standard exchange of it, unless one of these two options is objectively impossible or disproportionate. The sending of spare parts and replacement are free to the consumer and are carried out within a reasonable time depending on the nature of the goods and the purpose for which they are intended. However, the customer will bear the shipping costs of those parts.







SMACK MOBILITY may suspend, remove or partially or totally cancel the products that are not under contract at any time without notice. This provision is void for products that are reserved for registered users or which are subject to and subject to specific conditions. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COMPLAINTS To file a complaint or claim with SMACK MOBILITY the customer will move to the Customer Service department via e-mail or fill out our contact form. According to the resolution of disputes online EU consumer-related and consistent with Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013, we inform you that the European Commission provides consumers a platform of online dispute resolution that you can find by clicking this







These terms shall be governed by French law. The parties submit, at their choice, for the termination of conflicts and express renunciation of any other jurisdiction of the home court of the user. The language will be French.

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