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City Coco Doblo 2000

It is an APPROVED European roads model !

All products are delivered with EEC / COC certificates in order to be registered and have their VIN number.


A modern means of transport, adapted to a lifestyle more respectful for the environment, at a slower pace while being in pleasure, fun and easy movement, functional. This model Recognised like Moped includes leading turn signals and backsides, short and long light, light of brake, light of position, lights, klaxon, mirrors included. Unlike other models, this product also includes some important changes demanded by the European rule to be able to classify it like a moped.


Solid inflatable tire

The 18inch pneumatic tire will provide you comfortable driving stability. You can ride through small bumps and gravels at ease.


Double battery

The lithium battery is removable so you can charge it. This model incorporates a battery removable of 18.2Ah type case already integrated of manufacture, in addition to a space in the inferior part where can add him optionally a second battery of 12, 15, 18 or 20ah.


Built-in LCD screen

The front display screen allows you to monitor the current speed and battery level. You need to charge the scooter whenever battery is low. It will indicate you at all times of the velocimeter, kms total and level of battery.

Motor: 1000W Brushless
Battery Voltage and capacity: Lithium 60V 18.2Ah 
Maximum speed (limited): 45km / h
Autonomy: About 50km
Charging time: 6 to 8 hours
Maximum load: 180 kgs
Net weight (product): 60 kgs
Front and rear wheels: 18 × 9.5 inches
Colors: Black, Red, Blue


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