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Mini City Coco

His big wheels allow to the more beginners use them easily. Big stability to avoid unnecessary falls. CityCoco Mini,requires of very little maintenance in comparison with a vehicle of fuel; at all of petrol , filters, neither complex repairs and maintenance. Besides it has a battery totally removable.

Besides it has the following certificates: CE. ROHS, UL, offering high quality and security in the purchase of this product.

Mini Coco Wheel

Solid inflatable tire

The 14inch pneumatic tire will provide you comfortable driving stability. You can ride through small bumps and gravels at ease.

Mini City Coco rear light

Rear Light

In addition to the front light, this product is equipped with a rear light.


Built-in LCD screen

The front display screen allows you to monitor the current speed and battery level. You need to charge the scooter whenever battery is low. It will indicate you at all times of the velocimeter, kms total and level of battery.

Motor: 1000W Brushless
Battery Voltage and capacity: Lithium 48V 12Ah 
Maximum speed (limited): 35km / h
Autonomy: About 25-30 km
Charging time: 6 to 8 hours
Maximum load: 120 kgs
Net weight (product): 44 kgs
Front and rear wheels: 14 × 9.5 inches
Colors: Black, Red, Hip Hop


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