7 Features to Look For in an Electric Scooter

Electric Kick Scooters are used for leisure, to travel short distances, security patrolling, and law enforcement. They are popular in urban areas and are used as alternatives for bicycles, motors, cars, and electric skateboards.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Scooter

If you are looking to explore the electric kick scooter and the experience of using it as your commute, or a hobby, you have come to the right place. This environment-friendly mode of transportation comes with a lot of fun. To help you find the best option available for you out there, here are some buying tips you should have in mind.


The kick scooter is one of the popular toys for kids. To avoid looking like one when you purchase your very first electric scooter, go for a more elegant design. On top of being foldable, go for a design that features accessible controls - just right at your fingertips. Electric scooters for adults can be customized by color and design. Find one that suits your personal style, but without compromising a safe and cool ride.


Your e-scooter should be heavy enough to carry a rider's weight for a long period of time but should be light enough to be easily carried around. Portability is one of the important features that you should keep in mind when purchasing an electric scooter. You should be able to carry it up the stairs or to hold it steady while riding a bus when it's raining or too hot to ride outside.

Miles Covered Per Battery Charge

Electric scooters are powered by motors that run with the help of a battery. If you are traveling with your e-scooter for long distances, you should be aware of a full charge will allow you to get from one point to another. If not, you might want to choose an electric scooter with a long-lasting battery or opt for an e-scooter that features a removable battery that can be easily replaced when you run out of power. Determine how long your battery lasts and how long you need to fully charge them.

A Desirable Maximum Speed

How fast do you want your electric scooter to go? Pick a scooter that can keep up with your needs. The weather conditions should also be a consideration, and how safe you can ride your scooters, even at a high speed. Most electric scooters can run as fast as 20 mph. Lighter models can go as fast as 17 mph.

Powerful Motors

When dealing with highly sloped terrains or if you plan to use your e-scooters for long distances, you need to choose a motor powerful enough to allow you to enjoy a smooth and stable ride across flat grounds and even on small hills. Some e-scooters feature dual motors while others feature powerful single motors. Pick a motor type that can last for a long time, while fulfilling your riding needs. Your motor power should be at least 250 watts of power.

Reliable Brakes

The brakes of an electric scooter are very important for the safety of the rider and the people around them. There are different types of brakes installed in electric scooters. The most common types of brakes include foot brakes, drum brakes, disc brakes, and electric or regenerative brakes.

Disc brakes are the most effective and reliable type of brakes available for electric scooters but can also add up to the total cost of your purchase. However, when it comes to maintenance, electric brakes are the best option available for electric scooters. It requires zero maintenance and works the best together with a foot brake.


There is a wide range of price options available in the e-scooter market. The more powerful your motors are, the more expensive your scooter will be. The heavier and more durable its materials are, the higher its price tag. On average, a high-end electric scooter for an adult will cost you around $600. The more advanced features you look for, the higher it will cost you.

The price of a scooter can also help you compare scooters by brand. Scooters with the same specifications should be at least within the same price range. Do not go for an overly marketed e-scooter with a high-end price tag but with lower specifications.

An electric scooter is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation there is in the market. If you are looking to join the nature-conscious bandwagon or would simply want to experience the joy and fun of riding an electric scooter. Follow these basic reminders and you'll definitely land with a scooter that best fits your style and your budget.

Smack Mobility's electric scooter is one of the most affordable electric scooters in the market. Tagged at $499, it is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, a power of 36V, and can go as far as 35-40 kilometers at a speed of 25km/hour.

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