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The Keys to Prolonging Your E-Scooter Battery’s Prime

Caring for Your E-Scooter Battery

An e-scooter's battery life significantly impacts performance and longevity. Proper usage and storage habits can optimize battery health over 2-3 years of use. Follow these best practices:

Monitor with an App

Install the manufacturer's app to monitor battery usage and receive firmware updates that extend battery life.

Charge Carefully

Charge the battery when it drops to 20-30% to avoid deep discharge. Unplug once fully charged to prevent overcharging.

Maintain Proper Temperature

Store and charge the e-scooter in a cool, dry area around 25°C. Extreme heat and cold degrade the battery over time.

Inspect Frequently

Check battery and wires periodically for damage and replace affected parts promptly. Clean terminals regularly to ensure good connections.

Ride Responsibly

Accelerate, decelerate and load weight smoothly and moderately to avoid battery strain.

Use Only Approved Chargers

Charge exclusively with the included OEM charger to ensure proper charging protocol. Replacement chargers must meet manufacturer specifications.

Educate Yourself

Thoroughly read all user materials to understand battery specifics. Stay updated on best practices for your model. Following these guidelines will lead to better performance and extended lifespan.

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