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Electric Scooter Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries

We all know that Electric Scooter riding is on the rise and we're quickly starting to realise that how potential it is to urban transportation. It is not only convenient, but also it reduces traffic congestion.

Despite all the positivity, riding an electric kick scooter or any kind of motorised vehicle isn't a fun game. From 2014 to 2018 almost 39,113 people got injured by riding an electric scooter in the US alone. And the injury number is also on the rise. So, let's get into some best electric scooter safety tips for avoiding crashes and injuries.

Electric Scooter Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries
Electric Scooter Accident

General Safety Tips

  1. Electric scooters are intended for use by person’s aged 16 or above.

  2. Pay special attention to local helmet laws. Licensing and registration vary from state to state.

  3. Always wear your ANSI or Snell-approved helmet. Purchase a helmet and other gas scooter accessories.

  4. Do not operate the electric scooter at night. The electric scooter is not equipped to be operated in dark or low light condition. It may not be easily visible to pedestrians or other vehicles.

  5. Ride only on a smooth hard surface. Electric motor scooters are not designed to be used in off-road conditions. Use caution when rolling over obstacles.

  6. Do not use the electric scooter in light or heavy rain.

  7. The product is allowed for use by only one person. Do not carry additional person or item. Do not put additional load on the electric motor scooter by pulling or towing anything.

Electric Scooter Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries
Electric Scooter Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries Like This

Mechanical Safety Tips

  1. Check all joints, hinges and quick releases to ensure the electric motor scooter is properly assembled.

  2. If the brake lever touches the handlebar grip, stop the use of the product until the lever is adjusted.

  3. Maintain proper air pressure in the tires.

  4. Always deflate the tire before disassembling the wheel.

Electrical Safety Tips

  1. Completely charge the battery before riding the electric motor scooter for the first time.

  2. Use caution when recharging the batteries. Do not recharge in an area that will allow the electric scooter or the charging unit to become wet.

  3. Keep children away from the motorized scooter while it is being recharged.

  4. Do not modify the electrical controls or writing. Use only motors, batteries, and charging units supplies or approved for electric motor scooters.

  5. Do not use the electric scooter battery to power or recharge any other equipment.

  6. Don't ever block the air vents on the charging unit.

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