Electric Scooter, the future of city travel

The new decade brought some new perspectives. This brought some new ideas to move forward. The lifestyle and the way of living have increasingly developed by a mile. But the world climate has put a pin to the world’s most scientists. Fossil fuel usage is increasing day by day and as a result, the climate is losing its balance. So people are searching for a new way of communication and travel needs. They need a greener and less wasteful solution than fossil fuel-driven cars.

This kind of situation is also true for a digital country like the UK. New taxes are introduced to the cities. Government is also planning to focus on car ban in some city centres. This overall situation arises a new question, how people will travel to their work from home in a world where the government will not let them drive. Public transport isn’t a solution at all. So, is electric scooter the solution here in this circumstance?

There are many cities in Europe opting for several solutions to commute their citizens to get to work without a car. Either it is too far to walk to the workplace after getting off from public transport, or too near to drive. Arriving at the workplace in a sweaty summer isn’t ideal at all. As the temperature is rising each year, people need a more efficient and smooth way to travel. In this era of technological growth, cities and countries are starting to realize that electric scooters are the future.

New York City has recently announced its plan to legalize electric scooters and electric bikes. This step will make commuting much easier. In this current outbreak of Covid-19, the use of electric scooters in European cities are increasing rapidly. Delivering foods and supplies has become so much easier when a car isn’t available or not justifies economically in congested cities, electric scooters offer the best solution to commute. UK is soon to legalise electric scooters for the public.

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