How to optimize your urban electric scooter

As we live in a fast-paced environment, we have to cope with day-to-day strict demands that require impeccable time management. In order to do so and thereby manage our time in a proper manner, effective transportation from one place to another is of the essence.

Cars are no longer a reliable alternative, as the time spent in traffic has significantly increased over the years. Public transportation is pretty much the same as it was before, lacking radical positive changes in terms of effectiveness and comfort for passengers. So, what can you do in order to be able to reach your destination in a fast, safe and fun fashion without having to waste precious time in never-ending traffic jams? One contemporary and extremely efficacious alternative is the fully portable electric scooter, a vehicle with stunning power consumption, zero emissions, fuel and pollution.

But which are the exact features that make the eco-friendly electric scooter an optimal solution to the needs of urban population? First and foremost, it’s the most economical, practical and the lightest way to move around. How? Well, the power consumption of only 6.15 W/km at 20 km/h speed speaks for itself and is an undeniable guarantee of a quality riding experience. Second of all, it is entirely safe and stable, as it displays a magnetic braking system which prevents friction from happening. Moreover, at only 10.5 kg it is the lightest electric scooter ever emerged on the market. So now it’s easier to understand why this electric scooter is the right alternative and the proper mode of transportation that will allow people to take their urban mobility at a higher level.

Of course, there are some voices that also include bikes on the list of truly effective means of transportation, but this statement stands when comparing them with cars or buses. In comparison to the electric scooter, bikes rank second due to a wide range of reasons. Let’s just think about the fact that the electric scooter is today fully portable and foldable, allowing the user to fold, carry and store it anytime and anywhere he wants. Thanks to its size and weight and thanks to the revolutionary folding system, users have the opportunity to place the vehicle under the desk of their offices, in a locker and even in their suitcases. And let’s face it, these are things you can’t normally do with a bike.

All in all, the electric scooter represents an entirely reliable solution to help commuters, working individuals or strollers optimize their urban mobility. It is fast, it is light and foldable so that people can carry and store it in a truly convenient manner and it is fun to ride. Furthermore, it is equipped with a modern shock absorber that will provide each and every user with a completely safe and worry-free riding experience. The advantages are numerous and at the same time quite alluring, determining more and more purchases from a wide range of buyers.

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