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Importance of Safety and Protective Gear When Riding Electric Scooter

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Riding Electric Scooter is fun, but it’s also quite dangerous. It’s often said, and it might even be correct, that an Electric Scooter rider protects his vehicle with his body, and not the other way around (as is the case for car drivers, for instance). While that may be an exaggeration, the fact that a rider needs to protect his person while this cannot be overstated. Even if he/she has a perfect riding safety record, others who share the road with him may not be so gifted, and if they make mistake and it spills over to him, the rider is the one who will suffer the most. To this end, there are several pieces of equipment an Electric Scooter rider should invest in, in order to keep himself safe on the streets.


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By far the most important piece of riding safety equipment, the helmet protects the head, which is often the most easily injured part of the body in e-scooter accidents. Studies show that riders who wear helmets are twice as likely to survive a crash as their bareheaded counterparts. It’s no wonder the government mandates helmet wear for all e-scooter rider; they’ll give the thumbs up to anything which reduces the lethality of accidents. In addition, a helmet usually incorporates a face shield, which keeps the blustering wind out of the rider’s face and his eyes, significantly reducing the chance of an accident caused by the rider being blinded by a piece of airborne debris. Now, it’s plainly obvious that for an e-scooter rider, the helmet is easily the most important piece of equipment ever to buy. Just wearing one immediately doubles your chances of surviving a crash. In most cities in Europe and the USA mandated that all riders must wear one while on their vehicle. So, it’s clear that helmets are necessary and essential to a safe ride.

Body armour:

Not a knight’s plate harness or a SWAT team member’s tactical armour, armoured outerwear is essential for a rider because the road will tear up ordinary clothing if a rider is sent sprawling across the tarmac by an accident. In addition, armoured riding clothes also protect a rider against collisions with the curb, pavements, and various other hard objects, for which crashing into them at 30 miles per hour is decidedly a bad idea.

Gloves, knee and elbow pads:

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It’s very natural to experience brake fail situation and it happens to almost all riders. If a brake fail happens to any electric kick scooter rider, the hands tend to bear the brunt of crash-related injuries. A pair of quality leather gloves along with armoured palms will certainly keep you safe from a break fail related accident resulting in broken hands, and the gloves will also improve the grip on the vehicle. Ideally, a good pair of riding gloves should extend past the wrist, like a medieval gauntlet. Knee and elbow pads are yet another important gear for the electric scooters. Elbow and knees are the first part of your body which will take the burnt first in an accident. Good quality elbow and knee pads will absorb the shock of a fall and prevent serious injuries.


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The humble boot serves many functions in protecting a rider: it helps him to brake, stay mounted and grip onto the electric kick scooter, in addition to looking rather stylish. A well-chosen pair of boots will not only look good but may even outlast the e-scooter it’s meant to be used with!

E-scooters are super fun and can serve some really handy functions in your daily life. Safety and protective gears are not only important but also choosing a quality electric scooter are also important. You should first begin your search for reliable electric scooters by looking into well-known, trusted brands, such as Neo Road, Yapai Super, Slide Rideon etc. This may sound obvious, but if you’re looking for reliable electric scooters, then a steadfast way to achieve that is to stick with new models of e-scooters and avoid used and second-hand scooters.

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