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Things to know about Electric Scooter

Is it legal to ride an Electric Scooter? Is it safe to ride? How does it work? Here is everything you need to know about Electric Scooters.

The usage of two-wheeled electric kick scooters is on the rise. Whether it is because they don’t emit CO2 or it is the Covid-19 pandemic, we can clearly see that people are ditching their cars and avoiding public transports in favour of the electric kick scooters.

If you live in the UK, then you may already have heard some gossips and a lot of discussions about whether electric scooters are legal or not, will it get the green signal? The truth is, it is legal to ride an electric scooter but there are some twists to consider. At least for now. For now, in the UK, it is legal to buy a personal electric scooter but it is illegal to ride them on public roads. Even cycle lane or pavement are also blocked for electric scooters.

But what about you saw a dude riding an electric scooter on a public road yesterday? Yes, you saw it right maybe. But technically, it is purely illegal to ride. If you are caught by the police, they’ll certainly charge you.

Then if it is legal to buy an electric scooter, then where are you supposed to ride it? For now, you can only ride it on your private land. Isn’t it a crazy situation there? The UK is the only country in Europe where riding an Electric Scooter is still illegal. Presently the UK government is running a trial of Electric Scooters. At the time of this writing, if you’re caught by the police while riding an Electric Scooter on the public road, you’ll face a fine, you might also face a penalty point on your license or your Electric Scooter could be seized.

It is about the Power, not speed

When you go to a car shop to buy a brand-new car, do you select a car depends on its top speed? I guess not. The same goes for Electric Scooter. You shouldn’t choose an Electric Scooter by its top speed.

This is the thing most buyers do wrong. You might argue that you shouldn't choose an underpowered Electric Scooter. Yes, you are right. But don’t mix up with underpower with under speed. You shouldn’t buy an underpowered e-scooter. If you do buy an underpowered e-scooter, you’ll get frustrated when your e-scooter will struggle to cross a slope.

You shouldn’t be bothered about the speed of the scooter. It is always from 15km/h to 25km/h. You should bother the power of it. It is the heart of an electric scooter. A motor gives power to the electric scooter. Generally, a good electric scooter provides 250W to 350W of power. The more the power, the more it’ll handle the challenging situation like slopes, bumps.

No, not all Electric Scooters are waterproof

Almost all Electric Scooters come with the IP54 rating. In words, the IP54 rating means that it is splash-proof. Not Water-Proof. They are designed to be able to ride in light rain. But in Northern-Europe, we don’t see light rain. What we see here is non-stop heavy rain which sometimes doesn’t stop in days! For this kind of rain, you need more robust water-resistance capability. The IP65 rating is what you should look for. Electric Scooter with an IP65 rating can withstand heavy rain. But at the moment, IP65 rated Electric Scooters are a bit pricy.

Not all Electric Scooters are foldable and portable.

There is a myth roam around people’s head. Many people think all Electric Scooters are foldable. No, not all scooters are foldable. There are many fixed scooters that exist. Just like Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter. This great scooter is not folding at all.

Just like the non-foldability, not all Electric Scooters are portable. You might think that you can fold an Electric Scooter, and take it to your office space. Even we told this in our blog. This statement is sometimes true and sometimes not. The kind of portability we are talking about right now fully depends on the weight of the Electric Scooter. There are Electric Scooter weighing 13kgs. If you are willing to sweat a bit while carrying this 13 kg Electric Scooter, then it is portable. And if you are not willing to do this work-out, then this is not as portable as you think it is.

There are also Electric Scooters that weights fairly less. Like the Ultra Lighty V.2 that weighs only 7.7Kg! This is the true meaning of portability. With this Electric Scooter, you can always enjoy great mobility. The lightweight feature of this scooter will let you travel anywhere you want. Whether it is your office or your friend’s house, carry this lightweight electric scooter with you.

Smack-Mobility is selling this Electric Scooter at a great price throughout Europe. If you are willing to buy a brand-new e-scooter, buy it from a recognized retailer which will provide a proper warranty as well as repairs. And if you are a retailer, then fill out this form to buy world-class and A+ rated Electric Kick Scooter, City Coco Scooters or Hoverboards. Smack Mobility by Kirest offers 2 years of Guarantee for after-sales service and parts. With express delivery, we’ll hand over the products to you within 2-4 days throughout Europe.

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