What You Must Know Before Buying Street Legal Electric Scooters

Street legal electric scooters are a convenient way for city dwellers to travel around the metropolis without having to rely on public transportation. These compact vehicles have a whole range of advantages compared to their gas-powered counterparts, ranging from being virtually noiseless to being more affordable to operate. Recharging an electric scooter's battery costs only a fraction of what you would spend on gasoline. And batteries last an average of two years before they have to be replaced.

They are also safer than their gas-powered counterparts since they have slower average speeds, making them less accident-prone, as well as requiring less maintenance. However, not all electric scooters available on the market are street-legal, so you should check the vehicle carefully before buying.

What Are Street-Legal Electric Scooters?

What are the characteristics of these great street legal vehicles? To be allowed on city streets, scooters must have headlights, turn signals and a horn. So, when you go to buy your scooter, look for a speedometer and indications for turn signals as well as headlights and taillights. You also need to check the tread depth of your tires, since tires with a depth of less than 1/8" are not considered street-legal. You also have to check out the laws in your state regarding the operation of street-legal scooters.

In general, however, scooters must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles and conform to Federal safety standards; you also need to be at least sixteen to drive one. Many states place restrictions on where scooters can be driven; for example, you may not be allowed to ride them on sidewalks or bike paths for safety reasons. Some states also require you to have a driver's license before being allowed to publicly drive an electric scooter.

Before You Buy

If you're buying a scooter, make sure you go with a trusted brand, even if it costs you more initially. And budget considerations notwithstanding, buy the best scooter you can afford, instead of the cheapest model, since it will save you more money in the long run. If you're buying online, make sure you get the model that has the right height and weight specifications for you, to ensure that you are getting the most comfortable and reliable ride.

If you have decided to make the change from usual vehicles to electric scooters, then you need to concentrate your hunt on scooters that are street legal in your area.

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