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When should you replace your bike or electric scooter helmet?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

At Smack Mobility, we believe that a helmet is a truly essential accessory when riding an electric scooter. In a minor accident, a helmet will be your first safety barrier which will take most out of the impact. And unfortunately, in the event of a crash, a helmet can make a difference in your life and death.

After using a helmet for a long period of time, it will age just your electric kick scooter or Hoverboard. Whether or not you maintain the cleanness of your helmet, it is always a wise decision to replace it after a certain period of time. You must have to ensure that your helmet will protect you in any kind of circumstances.

But the question is, how often do you replace your helmet? Did you change yours after a recent accident? Or are you just dusting it off still now after using it for over a year?

How long a helmet lasts typically?

Actually, this question doesn’t have a perfect or right answer. Different helmets survive for a different duration based on the construction and overall quality. It also depends on how they are used and how much they are taken care of.

There are hundreds to thousands of helmet shops throughout Europe both online and offline. Different helmets are meant to be made for different purposes and vehicles. All of them maintain a strict standard which is made by the EU. All of them guarantee maximum protection and coverage around your head. That means they are always safe to use if worn properly.

Despite the variations, a good rule to consider is to replace a helmet that hasn’t been involved in an accident, crash, or impact once every 5 years. The sun’s rays, sweat from your hair, oil of your hair, and change in temperature will degrade the life expectancy of your helmet. These types of conditions will age the ‘EPS’ foam which is the upper shell of any helmet. As a result, the ability to absorb any impact will reduce.

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There are some helmets that are constructed with multiple layers of EPS while others are made with fewer or even one piece of EPS. All of these helmets are fully safe to use and they all meet quality standards. In a multi-layered EPS helmet, the EPSes are attached together with a hard glue that is super strong. But problem is, these kinds of helmets degrade a lot quicker. Because these helmets are cheaper to construct. Sometimes the EPS they use loosens up when the glue lost the power to attach them together due to the moisture and sweat your head produces.

If I didn’t wear it for years?

If you haven’t worn your newly bought helmet for years (even the duration is less than five years), you should consider changing the helmet and buy a new one.

Imagine a situation where you bought a helmet one and a half years ago, used it for one year, and threw it into your shed six months ago. Now should you consider using that helmet again? No, you should strongly consider replacing the helmet.

Six months might not be a long time for you, but this kind of duration is enough to degrade the foam construction. Even the best-constructed foam will degrade when it is not used. Temperature, light, the humidity will do their work to reduce the strength of your helmet.

Of course, if you’re feeling unsure, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Talk to our experts for any buying guides before buying a helmet for your electric scooter.

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