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Electric Scooter Helmet Buyers Guide

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

At Smack Mobility, we not only sell Electric Scooters or Hoverboards. We also care about our riders by providing them valuable content about their safety. We talk about several safety protocols here like the Importance of Safety and Protective Gear When Riding Electric Scooter, When should you replace your Electric Scooter Helmet, etc.

While you might think, a helmet is just a helmet but it is important to make sure that it fits you perfectly, it has all the required features that you need, and most importantly it doesn’t fall off when riding an Electric Scooter.

Here in this article, we are suggesting to you our essential guide to buying the best helmet.

Electric Scooter Advantages

Helmet Design

Helmets are designed to do one job and one job only – to protect your head from an impact in an event of an accident. If a hard protective shell is there around your head, then the severity of the impact will reduce. And this impact reduction will certainly save your head from severe injury.

Helmets come with hundreds of designs, shapes, and weights. Some are lightweight, some have aerodynamic, some have good airflow vents, some have greater head coverage (especially for mountain bikers) many more.

The helmet design should depend on your usage, what kind of ride you take and what is important to you.

Helmet Safety

A helmet must conform to local standards and safety to ensure the quality of it. In the UK, the British Standards Institution controls the standard which is developed by Europe’s General Product Safety Regulations (EN 1078 for adults, EN 1080 for kid’s helmets). In order to get the certification, all helmet manufacturers have to undergo their helmets through a series of tests.

That means you can safely use a helmet that has passed the safety standard. You can also choose some extra features and designs which put some extra pearl on top of the ring.

As the technology is evolving so rapidly, the design of helmets has also changed. Like the kind of technology that appeared on a professional level cycle-racing helmet ten years ago, is now accessible for average users.

The best news is nowadays helmets have stronger shells, improved fitting systems, impact absorption, and technological advantages. All these features are now accessible to all the average users at a competitive price.

Electric Scooter Made In Europe

What features should I look for,

There are multiple brands in the European market offering several features to their helmets. Different brands give different names to their features obtaining the same technology. But here are the basic features that you should look for when buying a helmet:

EN CERTIFICATION: EN Certification confirms a helmet is made maintaining the required quality and safety standard so you can wear it unworried.

Vents: Vents are made on helmets because of better air passing. When worn, your head’s heat and humidity naturally increase the temperature inside the helmet. A great and effective vent cools down the temperature while keeping the humidity low inside the helmet.

A strong shell: A strong shell will always keep your head safe from an impact.

Extra Coverage: Extra helmet coverage offers additional protection when riding off-road.

Soft Yet Protective Internal Padding: One or two layers of soft yet protective internal padding increases the comfort when wearing a helmet. It also acts as a sweat absorber.

MIPS Protection: MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) Protection is an extra layer of protection in the course of rotational impacts.


What is MIPS

MIPS is a twenty-first-century tech innovated in Sweden. This is engineered to improve brain protection in a crash. MIPS reduces the harmful force of an impact and saves your brain by reducing the rotational motion and redirecting energies.


What Style?

Generally, helmet styles are divided into three categories. Depending on your needs and situation, you have to find the right category helmet for you.

Hybrid + Road. These helmets are having a lot of ventilation ports. They used to be lightweight. Often MIPS are included in these helmets plus it has an intricate fit system. In many helmets for hybrid riding, a helmet visor/peak is an extra feature added in order to keep the rider’s eyes in shade.

MTB + Off-road. Helmets designed for off-roads are totally different from Hybrid helmets. Because Off-road helmets need extra head coverage around the base of the skull and around it. This feature keeps the head safe from hitting rocks or debris in the case of an accident. A helmet peak is also a common feature for this type of helmet.

Urban. The outer shell of Urban riding helmets is generally made out of polycarbonate. It has a chin-pad and a mirror visor.

What size will be the perfect fit?

Make your way to an electric scooter or helmet shops near your neighborhood, take a measuring tape, and measure the widest part of your head. (Note that the widest part of your head is around 1cm above your ears.)


1. When should I replace my existing helmet?

Ans: Every Electric Scooter helmet should be replaced within 5-6 days. Even if you haven’t used it for months even years, still you should change your helmet. Find out more here.

2. What happens if I had an accident while wearing a helmet?

Ans: If you had an accident whilst wearing a helmet, you need to change it ASAP. In an event of an accident, your helmet’s shock-absorbing structure weakens.

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